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JD limousine hire treviso

JD limousine hire treviso

JD limousine hire treviso


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Jd LIMO - A Fabrizio Denipoti company


Jd Limo is registered with the Public Utilities Commission of Veneto.

Our employees are covered by liability, casualty, and workers compensation insurance.


Each of our chauffeurs is required to dress conservatively, wearing a dark suit, dress shirt, tie, and dark shoes.


Jd Limo has an exemplary reputation in the Venetian Area hospitality industry. We understand that discerning clients expect to be catered to in a manner conforming with their lifestyle, so each and every service provided by Jd Limo reflects that. If, for any reason, we fail to live up to the expectation of any guest, we want to hear about it. We are equally ambitious about responding to individual needs and special requests.


Jd Limo uses the latest technology available to ensure punctuality, including GPS equipment to keep track of all our cars at any time, as well as an air traffic monitoring system. Drivers have all the technology onboard at their fingertips.

Our drivers arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to every pick-up to ensure that our clients are met properly. Additionally, on pick-ups for departing services, Jd Limo suggests sufficient time to allow passengers to get to the airport and through security on time.


With our own staff of vehicle detailers and a strict vehicle maintenance program,

Jd Limo ensures that each vehicle in our fleet keeps a clean and "new" appearance. In addition to the scheduled checks and tune-ups, our drivers turn in reports noting any problems with a vehicle, which are then repaired immediately.

Jd Limo's telephones are answered 24 hours a day. We also use fax equipment, email, and a computer reservations system to receive orders from our clients.