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Every aspiring Jd Limo chauffeur undergoes a stringent recruitment process.


Following preliminary screenings and administrative processing, potential candidates are subjected to multiple interviews, DMV checks, reference checks, as well as State Department and, as needed, Secret Service background searches. Undergoing initial drug and alcohol testing and agreeing to the subsequent random tests is mandatory for all candidates. Furthermore, we closely examine their communication skills, problem solving abilities, neatness, good manners, and temperament.


Every member of our full-time staff of chauffeurs has acquired a minimum of five years of local experience as a chauffeur and tour guide, including handling groups and special events. All of our drivers are either Venetian Area natives or long-time residents, and they share a unique ability to make their work fun. With traffic monitoring support from our offices, they anticipate potential problems or react instantly to emerging ones.


Jd Limo is widely considered to be the best company to work for among Venetian Area limousine drivers. In addition, we offer better wages and benefits to our drivers and allow more time for rest and personal interests than other companies. At the same time, we expect more from our drivers in terms of competence, professionalism, and personality.


At Jd Limo, we do everything to ensure your trip will be as smooth, efficient, and enjoyable as you would expect from a Jd company!